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Darius’ Thoughts

February 12, 2010

Last week, I asked Darius if he would share some of his personal thoughts on our blog, and he said no. But this morning, he forgot his journal in my living room, and I believe this is pretty much the same as putting something on the internet. Here you are.

I don’t feel well today – I swear I have pancreatic cancer. Or my belt’s too tight.
Darius Emadi – November 10, 2009

Bonded with my dad today. We drove around the lake and he asked me if my bowel movements were consistent.
Darius Emadi – May 17, 2009

I’m drenched in guilt, but why? Is it because I’m planning to move to New York? Is it because I feel sorry for my mom since I won’t be around for her to berate? If not me, then who? The dog’s almost dead.
Darius Emadi – August 28, 2009

How good is God? As good as that CD you lost in 3rd grade. So, as good as the Space Jam Soundtrack.
Darius Emadi – January 6, 2010

Earlier today, I decided to take the road less traveled and ordered the crab at Subway.
Darius Emadi – February 13, 2007

Why am I so insecure? I own a gun.
Darius Emadi – December 26, 2009

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