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Re-cap: Hope For Haiti

January 26, 2010

Hope for Haiti Now, the telethon raising money for relief efforts in Haiti, aired this past Friday, and succeeded beyond all expectations as it gave hope to celebrities that people will listen to what they have to say.

“This telethon has proved to the world that people want to hear our opinions,” said Mel Gibson. “This is an emotional night for all of us celebrities.”

From celebrities who performed to celebrities who answered phones, hundreds of stars showed up to the telethon to be heard, seen, praised, and celebrated.

“People need us, and we need them,” George Clooney explained. “They need to know that we still have things to say about things that happen.”

One woman had this to say:

“I saw the devastation in Haiti on the news, in the paper, and on multiples websites and blogs. What I saw pained me, but I didn’t want to give money. Then I heard Halle Berry speak. She framed a point in a very unique way. She said, ‘Please, help these children of Haiti.’ And I thought, ‘wow, I had never thought of it like that.’ I immediately picked up the phone and called the telethon. I have AT&T, so I called the telethon again, and when they answered, I donated $25 to the guy from Titanic.”

According to producers of the telethon, the benefit changed the lives of all celebrities in attendance, who were able to remind the public of their existence and renew their status as stars.

“I understand that not every single person out there will care about me and my opinions,” Samuel Jackson said. “But now, I have hope that they will.”

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