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Restaurant Review: Chaco Canyon Organic Café

January 24, 2010

Hello, my name is Darius Emadi, also known as the only meat-eater at the vegetarian restaurant.

This past Wednesday night, my girlfriend took me to Chaco Canyon Organic Café, an organic raw-food restaurant in the U-district of Seattle, WA. I didn’t know what to expect from the place since the only raw-food café I had been to before was my parent’s house when my mom accidentally served us uncooked chicken. But I figured they’d have more choices on the menu.

Anyway, I was skeptical I’d find something I’d like, but I was quite shocked when I looked at the menu: Reuben, Nacho Plate, Chili Dog; for a second I thought we had accidentally wandered into Kirstie Alley’s kitchen.

After studying the menu, I ordered the Cilantro Pesto Pizza.

The waiter, or somebody who I hoped was the waiter, brought the food out to where we sat. He was cool enough to never chat us up; he just dropped off our food, nodded, and left. Nothing’s worse than a waiter who asks you how you’re doing. Asking how you’re doing is a pointless question. The answer, whether shared or not, is always the same. How am I doing? I’m hungry. And it’s always the same the other way around. Oh, me? Horrible, I’m a waiter.

Anyway, the pizza turned out good – it was flavorful, and came with a side of their House Salad, and overall it did what any good meal should do: leave you satisfied enough to avoid Taco Bell later at night. If I were to have one complaint, overall, it’s that Chaco Canyon Organic Café called what I ate a pizza. It was good, don’t get me wrong, but it was no pizza.

See for yourself:

A pizza has dough, and cheese, and grease. What I ate were four crackers with dip on top – healthy, organic, and tasty dip, but dip nonetheless. They shouldn’t have called it the Cilantro Pesto Pizza. They should’ve called it something more authentic. They should’ve called it Italian Nachos made by white people who never had any real problems but try to relate to the struggle of those who do, with cilantro and pesto. My other complaint was that the slices were tiny. If you’re gonna call it a pizza, at least have the decency to make them larger than one of my nipples, you know?

I don’t know when I’ll eat at another vegetarian restaurant, or which vegetarian restaurant I’ll eat at next, but don’t worry, I’ll have complaints to reports since I’ll most likely be the only meat-eater there.

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